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Luxus Auto Care Car Detailing was built out of respect for quality craftsmanship, constant customer satisfaction, modern convenience and most importantly for those who know they shouldn’t overpay for meticulous auto detailing.

We focus primarily on the customer experience, satisfaction and on a level of personalized care for each vehicle with a wide range of car wash and mobile car detailing as well as interior car cleaning services that can be customized for each individual vehicle.

We only work on a limited amount of vehicles at a time to ensure our high standards of quality workmanship is maintained at all times. With a custom-built facility coupled with knowledgeable and experienced staff we achieve breath-taking results every time whether you opt-in for a basic car detailing or a full paint restoration with paint protection.


why are we the Best Auto Detailing Company?

experienced, friendly & reliable Team members

Our team understands the value of vehicles and respects your schedule and requests. Your car is always serviced on time and with meticulous attention to details. Whether it's a daily driver, or an exotic car 'The same car for a Lamborghini or a Mitsubishi'.


The passion of our staff, combined with our modern equipment detailing shows in our results. We use low-odour, BPA free ingredients & steam for a new car feeling. 


In case you have questions, our team is easy to talk to and only recommends services you really need. No one leaves Luxus without learning a tip or two on how to better care for your car.
We have worked on virtually all brands like Ferrari, Tesla, Maserati, Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, and Antique's

Wifi, keurig & popcorn

Our location offers Wifi, Keurig Coffee and a Popcorn Machine to all clients. Stuck with Pickup & Dropoff Plans? Ask us about our Shuttle or Pickup & Dropoff* Service before your appointment!

luxus guarantee

As many precautions that we follow, humans make mistakes. Vehicles can have over 1000 parts to be detailed... we want our customers to be fully satisfied. See a spot? Let us know or come to take advantage of our free touch ups


Save time by setting up your appointment using your smart phone, tablet or computer.  Receive reminders by email or text, and make modifications to your reservation at any time online. Save time by paying online!

Ottawa's Most Trusted Car Care Service


5-star Reviews On GOOGLE 

"Sutton is one of the owners and I have taken 4 cars to him already this season.  The guy is always smiling and he has great energy,  you can tell he cares.   I brought him a 2010 Dodge Ram truck this week that I had just bought and he made it look brand new."

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5-star Reviews On Facebook, Groupon & square

"Today, Luxus offered the highest-quality and most efficient service I have ever received during four decades of driving. After many trips to the cottage with plants, flowers, bushes and equipment filling the SUV, the vehicle resembled a war zone of dust and grime. These lads missed NOTHING! First class all the way! Thanks."

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Our new and improved location now resides in the owners hometown of Orleans. This move establishes our commitment to offer the most advanced and friendly service in the fast-growing suburb as well as the Ottawa region itself. With climate control, dust control and precise lighting we have all the aspects that a  top-tier car detailing Orleans company should have.


Throughout the Spring/Summer season we expand our footprint by operating Eco Express Tents in popular neighbourhoods. Our design and modern equipment allows to have equivalent capabilities of a full-size shop while being more accessible.

2017's Triole Location saved over 95,000 Litres of water alone this year with waterless washes!


Our mission is to provide the best Ottawa car detailing to all types of vehicle owners in town. We take it upon ourselves to ensure our clients expectations are always surpassed with all our services including interior car cleaning, ceramic coatings (Ceramic Pro, Gtechniq, C.Quartz, OptiCoat) car wash, paint restoration, paint protection film and mobile car detailing.

We only use the best

Car detailing is far more than just cleaning, it makes your vehicle look, smell and feel brand new again. To achieve this task, Luxus Auto Care Car Detailing only uses proven and trusted brand such as Meguiar'sGtechniq, Swissvax, Sonax, Ceramic Pro, and Menzerna. Whether you are looking for an interior car cleaning, salt stain removal, paint correction with polishing, or ceramic coatings we have you covered like nobody else. Actually, it's like having a brand new vehicle, but without the payments! Don’t give up on that unbelievably dirty interior & exterior and experience the Luxus difference today!

Unrivaled Expertise

By investing in our car care services, you can relive the experience of driving your vehicle off the dealership parking lot. Let Luxus wash, clean, wax and restore the appearance of your vehicle.


We know your life is busy, our hassle-free pickup & delivery service will leave your life uninterrupted. Get your vehicle picked up, detailed and delivered back to your home, or work.  Otherwise, let our mobile auto detailing unit come to you for the ultimate convenience.

Mission & passion

Our passion is to make all the vehicles we work on a better version of their former selves. No matter what vehicle you have, Luxus will always give you the same high-quality standard we abide to.

Cutting edge equipment

Our work is based around precision and quality. We our always looking for the most environmentally conscious solutions as well as the most cutting edge equipment to continually raise our standards.