Luxus Auto Care | Paint Protection

The hardness of ceramic coatings are calculated based on how immune a vehicle's surface would be to external force.  To put it differently, hardness suggests how well a substance could withstand scuffs and slight scratches on its surface.

As was mentioned previously, a ceramic coating creates a chemical bond with the top layer of clear-coat of your paint. These powerful intermolecular bonds produce a virtually impenetrable coating, granting great protection to your vehicle’s paint.

If you don't maintain your car in a garage 24/7, it’s likely to be exposed to environmental fallouts from mother nature and manmade pollution - but most damaging is physical contact with the paint. Whether from animals, tree branches, or even lavender, then a ceramic coating reduces harm brought on by coming in contact with such things. 

From time to time, denting is unavoidable as a result of minor impacts or door dings. Then it will become significant for your automobile's surface to have the ability to come back to its original, undented condition. 

The powerful intermolecular bonding which results in a ceramic coating implies that if dents are induced, the ceramic coating won't be damaged because it's bonded into the paint.

The flexibility of our ceramic coatings guarantee they won't peel or crack. Choosing a ceramic coating with 9H+ of hardness, is investment wisely in the the protection of your vehicle’s appearance and value. However, what is even more important than the hardness of the coating is how well the installation is performed.

As we said, coatings bond at a molecular level which thereby requires the paint to be surgically clean, without any trace of air particles, polishing residue, cleaning chemical or anything that could interfere with the molecular bonding phase.

The staff at Luxus car Care are accredited Gtechniq contractors. With Luxus, you received the Gold Standard of installations along with a manufacturer's guarantee on the item. 

Each coating receives a paint correction which entails the mechanical polishing of the paint to remove imperfections (swirl-marks, scratches) but also the levelling of the paint for better bonding between the coating and the clear-coat. 

Once the paint correction is done, all panels are striped of any contaminants using Gtechniq Panel Wipe to ensure the surface is ready to receive the coating. Contact us now for the best detailing solutions at the Ottawa, Ontario region.