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Fleet Detailing

Luxus is flexible and convenient. We come to your office, drop the cars off with us, or let us pick them up – we are able to detail almost anywhere with our Waterless Eco-Friendly mobile detailing units.

Employee Benefits/Prizes Or Cars For Sale

With existing partnerships with large organizations such as CMHA, Luxus Auto Care Car Detailing provides yearly-details to employees as part of the employee’s benefits. Employee’s appreciate driving to work in a clean car which in turn will increase an employee’s satisfaction and maybe they will start to come to work on time a little more often (we can hope at least). If we had some research data we would brag about how a clean car can result in x% happiness but let our clients smiles after seeing the results be the social-proof.

Everyone Loves A Clean Vehicle

Luxus Detailing for Business has convenient mobile units with friendly gents and gals behind them ready to detail any vehicle in a professional manner. Not only do we clean vehicles, we can also do paint restoration by polishing, scratch repairs, salt removal and more. Auto Dealerships in the Ottawa area choose Luxus Auto Care to increase the resale value of vehicle’s before selling or delivery to client. Contact us today if your dealership is interested in increasing the resale value of your car’s by using a professional and affordable detailer.

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